"Born with 


"Since I was a teenager, I struggled with life and experienced a lot of unexpected and financial obstacles and life events, until God finally transformed my mindset and revealed my life calling for a greater purpose."- Kala 


Are you seeking solutions to a better and more purposeful, fulfilling and prosperous life? You must READ: 

Opened Eyes




 A nonfiction Inspirational book of motivation and encouragement  


For adults and teenagers    

"Though tough and painful, to never give up is a powerful and lifetime process. So keep going, in spite how difficult the struggle becomes, only because there's greater purpose in the struggle and your pain." - Kala


"Never Give Up"

The Power of Perseverance


 A nonfiction Inspirational Memoir  


For adults and teens  

"Your audience will be inspired, motivated, eye-opened, uplifted, and transformed after hearing my stories, which became songs of how I overcame having been bullied as a youth,coped with speech impediment challenges in elementary school, and experienced challenges in middle and high school along with college difficulties.Your outstanding and special audience will also be inspired by a touching story of how I survived, and peacefully departed a 12-year relationship struggle as a teenager to young adult, how I coped with unemployment to embracing my struggles, and more, which will leave your audience desired, curious, and at the edge of their seats to hear more, and the reasons why I'm still alive, my drive, determination, love, strength, zeal, compassion, and passion in my purpose, and for my smile, and attitude of gratitude for life. My inspirational stories are breathtaking, and will open your audience eyes in realizing how special they are too, despite their circumstances."




Kala began embracing her womanhood with gratitude, purpose, patience, perseverance, endurance, effort, appreciation, zeal, and passion, after she gained enough confidence, faith, hope, strength, and self-esteem to peacefully walk away from a 12-year, unhealthy relationship struggle, which left her with an amazing scar of a lifetime. But also after experiencing a life-changing employment battle. From that day on, she looked in the mirror and said, "I'm blessed, grateful, and a special woman, wife, and mother, who's still standing as a humble survivor!" Ladies, she will inspire your socks off! Oh YES!


"Life requires 150% of unstoppable hope, faith, love, perseverance, and endurance. Just never give up!" -Kala 

"Because there's purpose in your struggles, battles, tragedies, and success, never give up, or become discouraged, just have faith, and keep your head up!" -Kala










Staying On Track

Motivational CD (Grades 9-12)

"I fell off the track of obedience my senior year of high school when I engaged myself in what ended as a 12-year relationship struggle, without commitment, simply because I didn't sit up and listen, which shifted my focus, concentration, and mindset as a teenager and young woman in a path that led me to become isolated, quiet, emotional, and with little confidence and self-esteem. It was definitely an unexpected experience, but also a journey that taught me a lot about the impact of obedience and discipline."

Parents, "Staying On Track" will touch the hearts of your teenagers in providing them with the benefits of staying on track at such an important stage of their lives while also motivating, inspiring, and assuring them, without a doubt how special they are with a smile, after hearing Kala's words of wisdom!












About Kala

Kala Jordan-Lindsey was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, and currently resides in Miami, Florida with her husband and beautiful daughter. She stands as a remarkable and outstanding inspirational speaker, and passionate author with such a special and loving heart. Her educational background includes a BM in Music Performance from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, and MM in Music Performance from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. She taught k-12 throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County schools for over ten years, including Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, for six years,with the privilege, blessing, and honor to lead as an adjunct professor and clarinetist, inspiring so many students from all ages, cultures, and backgrounds! She also performed in professional orchestras and bands, and received numerous awards, including Teacher of the Year with the Miami Music Project and traveled to New York City to teach, and perform in the New York Summer Music Festival in 2009. Kala is also a very passionate, and an inspired writer, who will have multiple books published this year and in the near future- Opened Eyes, a nonfiction Inspirational book of motivation and encouragement, Never Give Up: The Power of Perseverance, a nonfiction Inspirational Memoir, Run Your Business in Ten Essentials for 365 Days and Beyond, a special guidebook for business owners, I Am Special! a children's book, Embrace Your Womanhood With A Walk On Purpose! a special and nonfiction Inspirational book for women, Appreciating Five Steps as a  College Student, an Inspirational book for college students, Financial Battlefield, a fiction novel, Oatmeal Factory, a motivational fairy tale, Dream Baby Until It's Reality, a teen's book, The Last Voice, a fiction novel, and Music for Children Learners, a music educational book! Kala says, "Every book is eye-opening, unique, touching, purposeful, meaningful, impactful, inspirational, and will keep you at the edge of your seats!" Her books will leave the world with a thirst and zeal to read more! They are books you must own! You will be motivated, inspired, and on fire to truly appreciate how special and blessed you are after reading every book by this woman, wife, and mother!


Kala initiated her speaking business in April 2018, after she experienced an unexpected employment battle of wrongful termination, after six years of college education, twelve years of  teaching and performing, and all the blood, sweat, tears, required to walk across stages to teach and perform. It was a tough battle, but she stood strong, and fought with a lot of hope, faith, love, strength, humility, determination, perseverance, self-motivation, forgiveness, compassion, and prayers. So, instead of giving up and remaining depressed on the bench, she embraced the battle and oppositions, as now a humble survivor. By far, this was one of her darkest valleys, that actually became a blessing and fired her up with so much fuel of determination, hope, purpose, passion, praise, drive, joy, motivation, and peace to stay strong, and outstanding, despite the odds of life. As a result, and by the grace and mercy of God, she was transformed mentally, and became physically and spiritually stronger, and more humble with so much zeal, and passion to motivate, encourage, empower, and inspire the world that she says, "With faith in your purpose, gratitude, strength, focus, consistent prayers, perseverance, love, compassion, and determination in your calling, you can survive, and overcome anything in life." Other than her love and gift of teaching, and playing the clarinet, she is truly passionate about inspiring the world through her writings, and loud voice.


Your audience is guaranteed to walk away understanding gratitude, value, saying "Wow," with a breathtaking experience, and knowing they are always special, through Kala's humor, unforgettable words of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, amazing, powerful, and unbelievable stories! She is deeply passionate, and loves helping others learn the secret ingredients of staying on track, empowering men/women about love, relationships, passion, purpose, determination, overcoming struggles, motivating businesses to inspire saying, "Oh YES" to customers, activating your outstanding gifts, leadership skills, and writing your story to help inspire the world. Kala also thirst to inspire single-parent, and struggling girls and women, educators, the community, and motivating youth, and college students to stay focused, obedient, strong, to never give up, and to always remain hopeful, and enthused as they pursue their dreams to passion to purpose to finally their reality in their calling, with an attitude of gratitude for life!


In August 2018, Kala was blessed with a special opportunity working as Temporary Campaign Associate with United Way of Broward County inspiring, and motivating a range of workplace associates and businesses, and participated as guest Speaker at the Miami International Women's Conference, in November 2018. She said, "Every audience member walked away knowing how truly special they are, grateful, enthused, inspired, motivated, and with a transformed mindset about life!" You will not regret having Kala on your stage, at your institutions, corporate facilities, and conference halls!


Kala currently works at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida, as a part-time Academic Advisor in the Academic Advisement & Career Services Department and continues to write.With said, she's the energized, grateful, genuine, loving, compassionate, passionate, and funny woman on the mic that smiles, and will engage your audience in a fun and special motivational dance, and says, "Always know oh YES! You are Ever Special. Know it, say it, show it, share it, and definitely wear it because oh YES!"



Staying On Track

"Parents, Kala challenges you to sit down, TODAY, with your teenagers, and listen to some of the most valuable words of wisdom that will help open their eyes to the reality of life."

Obedience~Discipline~Careful Listening~Saying No To Violence And Oh Yes To Peace~Focusing Forward While Having Fun!

*Special pricing available for high schools and organizations

(If interested, please send an email) 




The Beauty of Being a Special Woman For 365 Days!










Speaking services at educational institutions range from motivational, and inspirational speeches for elementary, middle, and high school, including college, and graduations. Topics include:

"Staying on Track"

"Peer Pressure"



"Driving with Determination"

"Staying Focus"

"Dreams to Reality"


"Never Give Up"

"Music Appreciation" 


Speaking services for workshops, and community events are available for teacher orientations, meetings, corporate engagements, campaigns, and students clubs/organizations. Topics include:

"Effective Teaching in the Classroom"

"An Outstanding Leader"

"Growth Mind-Set" 

"Principal-Teacher Motivation" workshop 

"Small Talk Community Discussions"

"Obstacles to Success"

"Community Youth SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT Motivation Discussion"

"Dreams to Reality"

"Staying on Track" 

"Embracing Life"


Speaking services are available for corporate events, lectureships, and seminars. Speaking topics include:

"Oh YES to Customers"

"Your "A" Game"

"An Outstanding Leader"

"Drive With Determination" 

"Fearful to Fearless"


"Singleness to Marriage"

"Overcoming Struggles"

"Depression to Determination"

"Staying on Track"

"Embracing Your Womanhood"

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"Never leave home without your heart, faith, love, hope, compassion, ears to listen to others, purpose, patience, passion, gratitude, a smile, and Motivation Bag, for 365 Days, and on!" -Kala



Oh YES "Write Away" RIGHT AWAY!

Write Your Story

Virtual Youth & Adult Presentation

 If you're ready to remove your mask, dig out your hidden stories, and take them to the next level, then zoom in with a smile, and ready to activate your confidence through a presentation and conversation about your stories! We will unite in front of the screen, socialize, conversate, and began the motion of writing the stories you've always been eager, enthused, and hungry to share with the world--for healing, and to show how unique, and special you are, right away, with Kala! 


Ages 20 and up ~ May, 2021 ~ Virtual Presentations!

More Details will be available January 2021 





Educational Institutions ~ Women Programs ~ Community Events  

Workshops ~ Conferences ~ Corporate Events

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"Born to soar with hope, faith, and love. Oh YES!"

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"There needs to be more positive people like you in this world! Thank you!"  

- JC Penney's staff


"Wow, awesome speech!" - Miami Lakes Educational Center staff


"Wow, that was one of the most energetic presentations I have ever heard! Thank you!" - Ron Jon Surf Shop staff


"Wow! I loved your speech, and the oh YES motivational dance!"  

- 2018 Miami International Women's Conference attendee 

"I really enjoyed your speech and energy!" - 2018 Miami International Women's Conference attendee 

 "I had a wonderful time yesterday! I am glad God put it in your heart to do these activities for the community and for our children, and families to come together."

- relative

"Your enthusiastic presentation was enjoyed by my entire team!" 

- AAA Auto Club staff

"I had a wonderful time at your event and was surprised! It was inspiring, uplifting, funny, and a lot of fun! I really enjoyed your positive message, reminding us all how important we are and that we are all special people. It was absolutely amazing. It was a powerful message and I left feeling good about myself. Thank you!" - 2018 Poetry Night attendee

"Wow, thank you! You really showed oh YES!" - Wells Fargo staff


"My experience was very satisfying! It felt so good to be around people who enjoy expressing themselves and encourage others whether it be music or sharing words of encouragement. It was such a blessing to be in attendance and also perform. Thank you!" - 2018 Poetry Night attendee

"Wow, I'm motivated now! I know today is going to be a

great day! Thank you!" - Wells Fargo staff

"Thank you for your inspiration!" - Space Coast Credit Union staff

"Great presentation!" - Dillard's staff

"You must hear this woman! Kala is an amazing inspirational Speaker! I wake up every morning being so inspired by her words!" - friend

"I love your energy, thank you!" - TJ Maxx staff

"Wow, great presentation!" - Comcast staff

"Great presentation!" - Costco staff


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